Auto verrou actif на пежо 307
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Auto verrou actif на пежо 307

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auto-verrou active failure

friends, I have the 2007 model307 1.6HDI yesterday I went to the service yesterday I activated the aux feature of the original confirmation, then I put the aux input myself when I tried it was very nice actually but then I put the tape on the sled and put it back in the corner from the corner, the tape was fully pressed so that the feet are mass but let’s come off and it never turns on even the lights do not turn on does not burn, the cigarettes of the confirmation are written in a solid fuse box, auto-verrou actif on the solid screen.

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( Peugeot 307 ) komunikat auto verrou actif

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Auto verrou actif на пежо 307

First ever post and it’s a help request!

I am hoping that someone can help me with an error message I am receiving from my car when I try to start it which I believe is linked to the fact that it is not starting.

When I try to start the car I get nothing upon turning the key in the ignition, as if the battery is completely dead. However on turning the key all hell breaks loose on the radio/error message display where the words AUTO VERROU!! flash repeatedly and the there is a repetitive clicking noise a bit louder than the indicator. This continues for over 5 minutes whether I remove the key from the ignition or not but I still get nothing. There seems to be no power at all as the lights, radio do not come on. In addition, and I thought this may initially be related the car would not respond to my bleeper (not sure of the correct term here!). I have since however replaced the battery in this and it responded initially when I was able to lock/unlock the car but since trying the ignition again I am unable to lock/unlock the car…as you can imagine this is not ideal to leave overnight!

The car battery was fine yesterday and I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting.

I am really at a loss of how to proceed as I cannot take it to a garage for a diagnostic check as I cannot move it.

If anyone has any idea or is aware of this issue please could you let me know. I would be very grateful.

NB – Auto Verrou appears to mean auto lock and I believe is related to the auto lock function that lock the car when it moves a few metres. I have tried to turn this feature off at the same time as starting the car but as with all other features on the car it does not respond.
Thanks very much,

Wed Jun 06 2012, 01:59am

Auto verrou actif на пежо 307

Peugeot 307 2012 XS 1.6 87000 kms

Buenas necesito que me ayuden si saben la solución,mi auto estuvo casi 3 semanas en la peugeot porque me encendió una luz del motor y dcian los mecánicos que era la zona lambda las cambie 3 y nada luego no arrancaba y empezó a salir otro mensaje que según los de la peugeot era el catalizador y la caja de salida de agua. Se lo cambie y ahora me vuelve a prender la luz. Que podría ser. Gracias por la ayuda

Sergio72 de Argentina hace 8 años

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