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Alfa romeo giulia erreerre fuoriserie

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This Italian Firm Will Turn A New Alfa Romeo Giulia Into An Old One For £420,000


Though the current Alfa Romeo Giulia is a fantastic-looking thing, you could argue easily that it doesn’t quite capture the elegance of the original Giulia Super saloon. Well, good news — there’s an Italian firm willing to step in to fix that. ErreErre Fuoriseri has revealed a complete reworking of the Giulia Quadrifolgio that swaps out pretty much any recognisable panel on the standard car for new bodywork that resembles the Giulia Super of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

The Giulia ErreErre Fuoriseri uses the Giulia QV as its base

The sleek lines of the standard car have all become rather boxy, right down to the stubby front and rear overhangs. Once-thin head- and taillights have been swapped out for individual quad units on either end of the car, and there’s now even a roof-mounted spoiler. We’re big fans of the throwback steel wheels, though. ErreErre Fuoriseri has mucked around with the standard Quadrifoglio’s 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 a little too, boosting power to 554bhp and 502lb ft of torque — up from 513bhp and 443lb ft.

To help manage that extra power, there’s also a new Bilstein B16 suspension system and upgraded Brembo carbon ceramic brakes.

After taxes, you

Gianluca Rubatto, ErreErre Fuoriserie chief executive officer, said: «With the new ErreErre Fuoriserie we wanted to create something unique, serving the greatest enthusiasts and nostalgics. A car that makes the lucky buyer unique every day, along with modern safety. This could only be achieved thanks to the competence, rigour and passion of our team. It is the brand’s first ‘fuoriserie’ and it certainly won’t be the last.» Only 33 examples of the Giulia ErreErre Fuoriseri are planned for production, and each will cost €400,000 (approx. £350,000) before tax — which includes a donor car. By the time you’ve had it registered, you’re in for at least £420,000 — just over five times the price of a standard Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio…

Авто Новости Alfa Romeo Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie — рестомод похожий на тюнинг от нейросети

Alfa Romeo Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie — рестомод похожий на тюнинг от нейросети

Итальянская фирма ErreErre Fuoriserie представила обновлённый ретромод на базе современной Alfa Romeo Giulia, вдохновленный классической моделью Giulia (Tipo 105) 1962 года.

Двигатель V6 объёмом 2,9 литра форсирован до 562 л.с. и 680 Нм. Коробка передач 6-ступенчатая «механика», либо 8-ступенчатый «автомат» ZF, привод — задний.

Всего будет выпущено 33 экземпляра финальной версии ретромода, цена — 400 000 евро.

В стиле 60-х: заряженный седан Alfa Romeo получил нестандартную ретро-версию (фото)

Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo Giulia, ErreErre Fuoriserie, Авто, Автомобили, Тюнинг, Седан, Новинки, Фото

Alfa Romeo Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie вдохновлен одноименной моделью 60-х годов. Тюнеры разработали новые кузовные панели и увеличили мощность двигателя седана.

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Итальянское тюнинг-ателье доработала заряженный седан Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Автомобиль получил новый кузов в стиле культового спорткара 60-х годов. Об этом рассказали на сайте Carscoops.

Alfa Romeo Giulia первого поколения выпускалась с 1962 до 1978 года. Модель предлагалась в кузовах хэтчбек, седан, купе, родстер и универсал.

ErreErre Fuoriserie решили передать дух оригинальной модели в современном седане. Почти каждая кузовная панель Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio была изменена.

Спереди появились четыре круглые фары и новая решетка радиатора. Также на бампере разместили несколько воздухозаборников.

Сзади находятся четыре круглых фонаря и необычный спойлер. Выхлопные патрубки расположены посередине.

Alfa Romeo Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie

Также в ErreErre Fuoriserie добавили седану более широкие крылья. Внешний вид дополняют новые колесные диски в ретро-стиле.

В интерьере появилась отделка из коричневой кожи. Также присутствуют элементы из светло-серой алькантары.

Alfa Romeo Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie Alfa Romeo Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie

Под капотом установлен 2,9-литровый турбированный двигатель V6 мощностью 562 л.с. Он работает в паре с шестиступенчатой ​​механической коробкой передач.

Итальянцы готовят стильного конкурента Nissan Leaf: первые подробности и фото

Всего в ErreErre Fuoriserie планируют выпустить 33 таких авто. Цены на модель еще не объявлены.

Ранее Фокус писал, что в Киеве сфотографировали кроссовер Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2018 года в топовом исполнении Quadrifoglio.

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ErreErre Fuoriserie can turn your new Alfa Romeo Giulia into an old one for £270,000

To celebrate 60 years of the 105-series Alfa Romeo Giulia, ErreErre has infused a modern Giulia Quadrifoglio with its forefather’s DNA. The results are…mixed.

3 Nov 2023

Think ‘60s Alfa Romeo and it’s hard not to imagine a 105-series Giulia Sprint GTA being thrashed around Spa with its inner front wheel hanging in the air. But there’s an Alfa that had arguably more significance to the wider public at the time, one that’s often overlooked: the Giulia Super saloon.

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With the same core platform and mechanicals as its celebrated motorsport brethren, the Giulia Super brought sports car handling and performance to the masses, with space for four and an enormous boot to, um, boot. Now, as the Giulia Super passes its 60th birthday, Italian firm ErreErre Fuoriserie has unveiled a reincarnation of the icon, built around today’s Giulia Quadrifoglio and limited to 33 units.

The retro cues aren’t subtle – the current Giulia’s flowing lines have been contorted to cast the same boxy silhouette as the original, albeit without modifying its core safety cell. The original Giulia’s distinctive quad headlight signature has been grafted onto the nose, integrated with a defined scalloped shoulder line that runs the entire length of the car as per the classic.

Slab-sided doors and a new roof skin have also been applied, along with a modern interpretation of the 1962 car’s aerodynamic kamm-tail design. The ‘60s design themes clash awkwardly with the modern Giulia’s more curvaceous proportions, so there’s no mistaking the source material.

Riding on Alfa’s Giorgio platform, the ErreErre Giulia receives custom Bilstein B16 suspension at each corner and carbon ceramic Brembo brakes – useful given that the Quadrifoglio’s 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V6 has been uprated to 554bhp from 513bhp. Peak torque is rated at 502lb ft, with drive sent to the rear wheels via an eight-speed ZF gearbox.

Given its extreme rarity and extensive bodywork modifications, the ErreErre Giulia doesn’t come cheap. Each of the 33 customers will need to fork out €400,000 (c£350,000), although this price includes a £78,195 donor car. That means you’re looking at around £270,000 to convert your new Giulia into an old one – or you could buy the real deal for £20,000…

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